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Watermelon Publications from University of Florida










This list of publications was updated December 4, 2018 by Robert Hochmuth Regional Specialized Extension Agent and Dustin Hart, Agricultural Associate, North Florida Research and Education Center-Suwannee Valley, Live Oak, FL


University of Florida Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences


To receive an electronic version of this listing to be able to simply click on the publication links, email Robert Hochmuth,



General Production


  • Chapter 3 of the Vegetable and Small Fruit Production Handbook: Cucurbit Production. Josh Freeman, Eugene McAvoy, Peter Dittmar, Monica Ozores-Hampton, Mathews Paret, Susan Webb, and Lincoln Zotarelli. 2014. (




Water and Nutrition


  • BMP-Recommended Water and Phosphorus Inputs for Tomato and Watermelon Can Reduce   Environmental Losses of Phosphorus and Save Water. Sanjay Shukla, Gregory Hendricks, Tom Obreza and Willie Harris. 2014. (


  • Drip Irrigation: The BMP Era—An Integrated Approach to Water and Fertilizer Management for Vegetables Grown with Plasticulture. Eric Simonne, David Studstill, Bob Hochmuth, Teresa Olczyk, Michael Dukes, Rafael Munoz-Carpena, and Yuncong Li. 2017. (



  • Water Use for Drip-Irrigated Watermelon with Plastic Mulch in Florida. Sanjay Shukla, Niroj K. Shrestha, Thomas A. Obreza, and Brian J. Boman. 2014. (




  • Plant Tissue Analysis and Interpretation for Vegetable Crops in Florida. G. Hochmuth, D. Maynard, C. Vavrina, E. Hanlon, and E. Simonne. 2012. (



Pest Management


  • U-Scout Web site ( ) The goal of this interactive website is to routinely inform and train extension agents, commercial scouts, master gardeners, growers, industry personnel and city landscapers on field identification of diseases and its management. The site has photos of common watermelon diseases and management information. The U-scout Extension program through this website includes a plant disease DATABASE, plant disease BLOG, plant disease WATCH, plant disease management TUTOR, pest ALERT, pest MONITOR and a plant disease PUBS section. The U-scout program is a joint collaboration between the Department of Plant Pathology and North Florida Research and Education Center of the Institute for Food and Agricultural Sciences, University of Florida.



  • Recommendations for Management of Whiteflies, Whitefly-transmitted Viruses, and Insecticide   Resistance for Production of Cucurbit Crops in Florida. Susan Webb, David Schuster, Phil Stansly, Jane Polston, Scott Adkins, Carlye Baker, Pam Roberts, Oscar Liburd, Teresia Nyoike, Eugene McAvoy and Alicia Whidden. 2011. (


  • Management of Gummy Stem Blight (Black Rot) on Cucurbits in Florida. Mason Newark, Mathews Paret, Nick Dufault and Josh Freemen. 2014. (


  • Weed Management in Cucurbit Crops (Muskmelon, Cucumber, Squash, and Watermelon). Peter J. Dittmar and William M. Stall. 2012. (


  • Whitefly-Transmitted Cucurbit Leaf Crumple Virus in Florida. S. E. Webb, F. Akad, T. W. Nyoike, O. E. Liburd, and J. E. Polston. 2013. (







Post-Harvest Handling


  • Establishing lot size through sanitation clean breaks in produce packing facilities. Chapman, B., M.D. Danyluk. 2013. EDIS Publication FSHN13-10 (



  • Danyluk, M.D., L.M. Friedrich and D.W. Schaffner.  2014.  Modeling the growth of Listeria monocytogenes on cut cantaloupe, honeydew and watermelon.  Food Microbiology.  38:52-55


  • Li, D., L.M. Friedrich, M.D. Danyluk, L.J. Harris, and D.W. Schaffner.  2013.  Development and validation of a mathematical model for growth of pathogens in cut melons.  Journal of Food Protection.  76: 953-958



  • Outbreaks of Foodborne Illness Associated with Melons. Michelle D. Danyluk, Rachel McEgan, Ashley N. Turner, and Keith R. Schneider. 2017. (

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