53rd Annual FWA Convention

Dear Florida Watermelon Association Member-

I hope you all are receiving as much summer rains as you need during our Florida summer months.  I am quite certain you are receiving more than what you would like in the heat category. Another summer issue we all have had to deal with is this crazy COVID-19 virus. First it is told to us it will be gone by the summer, then it turns out it is worse this summer than it was in the fall when the experts said “the heat has a negative effect on it” so we all should be good by the summer ??? One thing I think we can all agree to, the experts of the virus are about like weather men, their predictions are usually wrong.  With the above being said I think we all know this summer has been a challenge to say the least. Your FWA executive officers brought to your FWA board a week ago the possibility of postponing the November FWA convention. The majority of the FWA board agreed it would be in the best interest of our membership to postpone the convention.  A new date of October 27-29, 2021 has been set as our next FWA convention date. The convention will stay at the Rosen Hotel in Orlando. Our room rate has been secured at the same price and all of our amenities will remain the same. This decision was not as easy one because of the change we were making to our Convention month and the support we have had from membership to make the move from January to November. At the end of the day we had to look at what was in the best interest and safety of our members. This is the main reason for the change of dates. I know there has been plans made and rooms secured but the change had to happen due to uncertainty with this virus. All rooms that where secured will be refunded and hopefully we are giving you enough time to alter your plans without too much inconvenience? 

Your FWA board of directors still plan on having a load donor auction.  We are in the planning stage of that now. The executive board is working out details on what might be the best way to handle our auction which is our main source of income for research, marketing, queen program and various other works that are done during the course of the year. Please support the efforts that are being made for our association and industry. If you have any ideas that would make our auction the best it could be under the circumstances of a possible online event, please reach out to Debbie at the FWA office and share your thoughts. 

Once again, we want to Thank You for your membership in the FWA and without your support and membership this association would have a hard time representing a great industry in our state of Florida. 

Through newsletters and reminder post cards FWA staff will keep all membership informed as changes happen and updates occur.

Thank you again, stay safe and enjoy the rest of the Florida summer  sunshine and afternoon rains.


Mark Bryan

President FWA

The Florida Watermelon Association (FWA) was formed to enable growers and marketers of the Florida watermelon industry to unite. Organized membership allows the association to promote the consumption of watermelons grown in Florida. The FWA assists its members in the growing and marketing of watermelons by providing a forum through this Corporation’s meetings. The Florida Watermelon Queen scholarship program was established in 1968 to assist the association in promotional efforts. The queen helps boosts sales of Florida grown watermelon by engaging the public at numerous events, from grocery stores to Nascar races. The Florida Watermelon queen will compete for the National Watermelon Queen title at the National Watermelon Association annual convention.

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The Florida Watermelon Association is a non-profit organization.

Florida Watermelon Association
P.O. Drawer 8
Fort Myers, FL 33902
Phone: 239.658.1442
Fax: 239.658.1448

Membership Coordinator 

Debbie Alexander

Promotions/Queen Inquiries

Debra Harrison

Phone: 863.633.8306

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