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Summer Marketing Recap

Updated: Jul 31, 2020

This spring, FWA has been involved in both an Ibotta marketing campaign and a social media campaign through Facebook and Instagram. We are hopeful that through our campaign efforts, consumers will be made more aware of the Florida watermelon industry.


Key Ibotta Marketing Takeaways

  1. The native media sponsorship had 299,940 completed engagements, this sponsorship led to 96,080 influenced purchases of watermelons.

  2. Ran an Any Brand Watermelons campaign in 2020 coinciding with the watermelon season, but started the campaign a few weeks earlier to create more awareness.

  3. Based on past purchase history on Ibotta, target sponsored media to be delivered only to segments who are light/new purchasers of watermelons. As we track follow-on purchase habits, this will show if a user successfully influenced to purchase watermelons.

Engagements by Age

Video Views or Engagements by Gender

Social Media

Ad Campaign Results

This summer we ran four different ads on our social media platforms. With a budget of $2,000, our campaign reached 532,479 people and made a total of 1,031,432 impressions. The campaign ran June 15-June 25, 2020.

Farmer Video Ad Campaign Results

We also ran a video ad from June 11-June 25, 2020 across our social media platforms. The video reached 497,023 people and make 787,172 impressions. The total budget for this campaign was $1,000.

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