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Summer 2020 President's Message

Hello FWA membership-

Once again, we are blessed to have the opportunity to view a FWA newsletter. The Board of Directors has voted to continue our newsletter to keep our membership informed of what is happening in our watermelon industry. Through our newsletter we will try to inform you on our FWA marketing campaign, the most current research information we at FWA continue to support, and how our FWA Queen continues to spend her time spreading the good news about Florida Watermelons. The newsletter is a great thing and if you have any ideas or comments please reach out to the FWA staff. As we move forward with the newsletter, we would like to see it grow. I think we have the room to add different things as our membership feels needed. I would like to have our vendors involved with a spotlight section. If any vendors of FWA would like to get involved, contact Debbie Johnson. We growers appreciate your support to our organization and would like to spotlight you if you have an interest.

With all of the above being said, once again we thank all of you who have a part in the newsletter. For everyone who has commented on our social media efforts this summer, thank you. Our executive officers really feel that our new social media campaign has been a great success this summer. Our mission is for every person that views social media to know something about a Florida Watermelon. A large goal we know, but with the help of everyone in our organization, why not set our goal high ? Please get involved with the social media campaign for 2021. Some great information inside about research on whitefly.

What a very expensive pain we deal with as growers. Every year seems like this whitefly problem gets worse. Hopefully with our research campaign we will continue to uncover new ways to battle this very expensive pest. Enjoy our newsletter and thank the folks that present you the member with an informative current piece of news. Please get involved and make our newsletter one that each member looks forward to reading.

In closing, I want to make sure everyone is aware of the cancellation to our annual convention. To my knowledge, our convention has never been cancelled. The convention is the foundation to our member relationships. The convention is where great things happen with our auction, speakers, and our young ladies of the queen competition. The decision to cancel was not an easy one and was thoroughly discussed by the Board with safety being the deciding factor. It all boils down to the safety of our members. We are planning for the new dates of our convention. It will be at the same location, the Rosen Shingle Creek Hotel in Orlando, FL on October 27 -29, 2021. We hope to make it a great convention at a great place and we look forward to seeing everyone when that time comes around. We will still have our load and supply auction, and we are looking at various options for a virtual event. If anyone has ideas, please reach out to Debbie Johnson of FWA. We will keep you posted as to the auction date and the auction format. We want to make it as easy as possible so everyone can stay involved and support the association.

The fall board meeting is scheduled for October 21. We will have a full agenda for this fall meeting and hope board members will plan to attend to discuss various business decisions for our association. Once again thank you to all of those who are involved. Please stay involved, it is the only way this association will stay relevant. The passion for our farms and what we do each day is important. Please continue to share that passion with the folks who don’t have that luxury.

Until next time.

Stay safe and God Bless Mark Bryan

FWA President

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