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Spring 2021 Queen Update

Updated: Apr 28, 2021

Happy Florida Watermelon season everyone! Two weeks ago, Ms. Debra Harrison and I hit the ground running on our yearly promotions. We have been visiting farmers, packers, and brokers in the south Florida region, where picking has only just begun. Farm tours are becoming one of my favorite promotions. Being able to see all the hard work and dedication that goes into the day-to-day in this industry never ceases to amaze me. Its something I'm truly grateful to be able to be a part of. In addition to the farm tours, we are also scheduled to appear at many other promotions this year, especially over the next few weeks. We will be attending schools, grocery stores, festivals, and other events with Fresh from Florida. This year has definitely been different from years passed, but we are so thankful for the lowered restrictions and increased safety measures that have allowed us to get back out there promoting Florida watermelons. We hope you will continue to follow our journey for the rest of the year!

- 2021 Florida Watermelon Queen, Bethany Barfield

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