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See us in Times Square!

In 2007, FWA ran a Times Square billboard during the Thanksgiving holiday for two weeks. FWA will be again running a Times Square billboard ad during the 2019 watermelon season. A 15-second ad will run 3 times an hour for 20 hours between April-June. FWA will also feature three different commercials between April-June. We anticipate that close to 8 million consumers will be reached in these 91 days!

The ad will be shown on a double-sided 56' x 29' LED billboard for a total of 1,624 sq. ft. of viewing space. The billboard will be located on 1500 Broadway and W 43rd St.

Breaking down the numbers

  • According to the Times Square automated counting system, there is an average of 399,000 pedestrians passing through Times Square during the months of April, May and June.

  • June recorded the highest number of pedestrians of the three months at 422,000

  • The median time spent in Times Square is 81 minutes with 8 minutes spent looking at billboards

  • Roughly 50% of people in Times Square are NYC locals; 33% are domestic visitors and 17% are international visitors

  • 243,358 people in Times Square post their experience on social media day.

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