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President's Message

Hello FWA Members,

Watermelon time is here!! Once again what we in our Industry look forward to. A way of life that most can only dream about. A part of Agriculture that has an impact on the citizens of this country and abroad. We are a big deal!! Sometimes we might feel insignificant in this world we live in, but we are the core of hard work, values, and common sense. Exactly what this country was founded on. So, this is our time of the year to shine. We should do our best to be United as this season unfolds. United as an association. This unification should be between allied members, brokers, and growers. All coming together for what we agree is our mission. To support research, education, and promotion of the fresh Florida watermelon industry.

We have a great queen program that is working tirelessly to promote our commodity. Support this part of our industry. I don't know how many folks support or believe in their industry any more than our Florida queen coordinator, Debra Harrison. What a great job she does for our industry. She has a great ambassador in Queen Bethany, who represents us and is educating anyone she comes in contact with, telling our story. Representation is key to the longevity of our industry. Through queen visits, allied support, strong grower involvement and broker/shipper strong sales, our industry will continue to remain one of the top five consumed fruits.

There is one other way our industry will continue to move forward, the Florida Watermelon Association’s Annual Convention. Wow, this one will finally happen. It is time for all of us to come together as one, to listen to great speakers that are directly related to our industry. To support our association with a dynamic load auction that is always exciting and one of the highlights of our convention. A time to talk with our allied members prior to our 2022 season. What a great time: October - As a grower, a chance to meet with your suppliers at one convenient location. Register, Register, Register. Let's make this a great convention. A time to wind down with friends in a setting where the business of our association can be conducted. Please get with Debbie Johnson at the FWA office to get registered. Let's show Orlando how strong of an association the watermelon group is. Better than that, let us show how we can come together for the betterment of the industry that you love as an FWA member.

Thank you all for your involvement with FWA, and I look forward to seeing you at the convention. Good luck this season. May our crops be greater than we expected, and may our prices be higher than we had hoped for. As a simple farmer we don't ask to make a fortune; we would just like to say at the end of our crop, "We did all we could have done to grow a great watermelon for a consumer to enjoy”. Let us do our job, for we love what we do and the people around us.

Thank you for supporting the local farmer, his and her efforts.

See you in October!

Your President,

Mark Bryan

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