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Partnership: Fresh From Florida

Fresh from Florida – a promotional program of the Florida Department of Agriculture – continues to be a vital ally in FWA’s promotional efforts. FWA’s partnership with Fresh from Florida has resulted in regional and national exposure.

The FWA Queen is visiting Walmart stores across the state of Florida in our initiatives to promote watermelon and educate consumers. Fresh from Florida has been instrumental in facilitating these events and developing the relationship between Walmart and FWA.

FWA also commissioned a New York Times Square billboard advertisement that will position our association in front of millions and help FWA reach a wide net of audiences. Fresh from Florida was a key player in negotiating affordable costs for such a high level of marketing and exposure.

In addition to the marketing efforts mentioned above, FWA also participated in PMA 2018 with the help of Fresh from Florida and the program supported FWA’s Queen Program as a co-sponsor.

FWA is grateful for the partnership with Fresh from Florida. Our joint efforts to promote watermelon has resulted connecting our growers and suppliers to the public and has helped us better serve consumers!

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