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New H-2A Visa Checklist Tool is Now Available

Credit: Elizabeth Creech United States Department of Agriculture April 04, 2019

Are you a farmer who needs seasonal or temporary workers for planting, cultivating, or harvesting crops? The H-2A temporary agricultural workers program - often called the H-2A Visa Program - helps American farmers who anticipate a lack of available domestic workers fill employment gaps by hiring workers from other countries. More about H-2A.

With our new Checklist Tool, participating in the Program is now easier than ever.

H-2A Visa Checklist Tool

Our interactive H-2A Visa Checklist Tool is the latest addition to the website.

While interest in the H-2A Visa Program grows each year, farmers often find the application process challenging, with information and parts of the process spread across multiple state and federal agencies.

The new H-2A Visa Checklist brings program requirements, fees, forms, and important dates into one location. Answer just a few questions, select the start date for your workers, and get a "to-do checklist" built around your H-2A hiring needs. Then, print or download the checklist as a reference. If you'd prefer to keep it simple, just download calendar reminders from the checklist to your personal device - PC or mobile, your choice.

The H-2A Visa Program

Just looking for some basic program information? Visit our H-2A Visa Program page today. It covers only what beginners really need to know up front, in plain language, and will help you:

  • Learn the H-2A visa application basics.

  • Create your personalized H-2A visa application checklist built around your hiring needs.

  • Estimate the costs of hiring workers through the H-2A Visa Program.

For Farmers, By Farmers

Our H-2A Visa Program page - complete with Checklist Tool - is the latest feature on, a dynamic, mobile-friendly website combined with an authenticated portal where customers can apply for programs, process transactions, and manage accounts.

On, you can also:

  • Use our disaster assistance discovery tool that asks five simple questions - in a step-by-step guided experience - to provide a personalized list of USDA disaster assistance programs that might meet your individual business needs.

  • Read success stories about and by America's farmers, ranchers, forest landowners, and partners for news producers can use.

  • View farm loan history, payments, and alerts - all from a personal dashboard in the authenticated portal.

These and other farmer-focused features are being built through an iterative process to deliver the greatest immediate value to America's agricultural producers. Together, we're growing as a digital resource for farmers, by farmers.


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