August 2022 Membership Update

I would like to update everyone on our 2022 membership thus far. We have 231 members. That’s up from 207 last year! This is great news. Queen Amber has been visiting many growers all around Florida promoting membership. She even got to visit the panhandle area to visit some new farmers who joined the association.

We will have the Suwannee River Watermelon Institute coming up in December. This event always draws many growers and potential new members. The official date and location have not been released yet, but we will let everyone know as soon as it is.

We look forward to seeing everyone at the upcoming convention. Please invite any growers you may know, there will be a grower education session on Wednesday. This will be a chance for them to get CEUs and become a member.

If anyone has any good ideas for the membership drive, please share them with us. We are always looking for new ideas.

Carrie Thomas

2nd Vice President

Florida Watermelon Association

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