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2020 Summer Queen Updates: 2020 FWA Queen Gallery

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

Last month Queen Bethany, Katelyn Miller (Melon 1), Stephanie Barlow (NWPB), Tyler Pitman and Emma Cannon with the 4-H Extension Agent did a virtual training on educating the kids from the Watermelon Field to the Grocery Store at their grocery store at their 4-H Watermelon Camp. Thanks to everyone that helped that day with this Youth Watermelon Camp.

4 H Watermelon Camp
Download PDF • 935KB

In July Queen Bethany along with the Orange County Public School District and Fresh from Florida handed out over 100 school lunches for all the kids in this area with their Summer Day Feed Program. Each lunch had a slice of watermelon in it for the kids to enjoy. Queen Bethany also passed out Watermelon Beach Balls, stickers and coloring books.

Queen Bethany and Florida Watermelon Promotions Coordinator Debra Harrison would like to remind everyone to please stay safe and wear your favorite mask!!!

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