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2020 Membership Structure Changes

The FWA Board of Directors voted to change the membership structure for 2020. The intent of the new structure is to more accurately represent the membership value across the different types of FWA members. Our association represents the extended family of the Florida watermelon industry and takes pride in promoting the outstanding watermelons grown in Florida and shipped across the US.

Growers are the core of our mission and are encouraged to be active members of FWA. First time members receive a complimentary membership which includes Fresh from Florida Membership – a $50 value. In subsequent years, grower dues are $50 per year. All FWA grower members receive annual membership in Fresh from Florida with full member benefits.

Allied and Supplier members are essential partners in maintaining a strong and viable association. The category represents companies of very different sizes and the new structure takes that into account. Depending on the size of the company – using the number of employees as the measure – Allied and Supplier member dues range from $200-600 annually. Each membership includes two individual company representatives. Additional representatives may be added for $50 per person.

Shippers and Brokers have a similar dues structure with annual dues ranging from $150-450. Each of these company memberships also includes two individual memberships. Additional representatives are $50 per person.

Researchers, past queens and other non-sales focused stakeholders have a dues rate of $100 per year.

Each 2019 member will be receiving a renewal letter outlining the changes and including a list of all members from their company. Please call the Debbie Alexander at 239-658-1442 if you have any questions about your renewal. Your continued membership is greatly appreciated, and we look forward to continuing to strengthen FWA in the coming years.

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