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2020 Fall Queen Updates: 2020 FWA Queen Gallery

By Bethany Barfield, 2020 Florida Watermelon Queen

Hello everyone! As the last couple of months have come and gone our day-to-day life has taken an unexpected shift. Due to COVID-19 almost all establishments shut down in March and have gradually opened back up as time goes on, but the need for public health and safety is still at an all-time high limiting my allowances for promotions. My greatest adjustment has been to now find safe yet still engaging ways to promote everyone’s favorite happy fruit, watermelon! I have been so lucky and immensely grateful to work for an association that helps me with those ideas. In my time as Queen, I have had help making informative, fun, and delicious videos to post on our social media to keep consumers buying and enjoying watermelon. In the early months of this uncertainty, I was able to attend the Illiana Watermelon convention in French Lick, Indiana, and meet more individuals in our industry and some of my sister queens. I also was over the moon to be able to travel to many packing sheds and fields all over Florida for spring and fall season to meet/get to know our farmers as they share their knowledge with me about our amazing crop. I have also been able to attend festivals, a virtual queens training, and a giveaway lunch put on by the Orange County library system. I will never be able to put into words just how thankful I have been and always will be for the opportunities given to me this past year under every circumstance!

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