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2023 Florida
Watermelon Queen
Alyssa Armentrout

Alyssa Marie Armentrout was crowned the 2023 Florida Watermelon Queen on November 3, 2022 at the Vinoy Renaissance Resort & Golf Club in St. Petersburg, Florida. Queen Alyssa is daughter of Jonathan and Amanda Armentrout of Sebring, Florida.  


She a graduate of Southeastern University where she majored in Criminal Justice and Minor in Theology.

Alyssa is historian of the Alpha Phi Sigma Honor Society of Southeastern University and 3 years former collegiate cheerleader.


Alyssa is an assistant cheerleader coach and enjoys exploring creative avenues and crafting, golfing, going to the gym, finding a new favorite book, and finding new cooking recipes to learn.  


As the 2023 Florida Watermelon Queen, Alyssa will travel throughout the United States serving as a spokesperson for the Florida watermelon industry. In February 2024, she will represent her home state of Florida and compete for the title of National Watermelon Queen in Scottsdale, Arizona.


For information regarding an appearance of the 2023 Florida Watermelon Queen, please send inquiries to Debra Harrison, Florida Watermelon Promotions Coordinator at

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For information regarding an appearance of the FWA Queen, please send inquiries to Debra Harrison, Promotions Coordinator 


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