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Mission Statement 

It is the mission of the Florida Watermelon Association to support research, education and promotion of the fresh Florida watermelon industry.

2021 Board of Directors

President: Trey Miller
First Vice-President: Rob Gibson
Second Vice-President: Carrie Thomas
Chairman of the Board: Mark Bryan

Promotions Coordinator: Debra Harrison
Executive Director: Debbie Johnson
Program Coordinator: 
Communications Coordinator: Jenna Brown

2022 Florida Watermelon Queen: Amber Boykin


Jay Belflower | 2021
Kyler Bishop | 2020

Dustin Blank | 2020
Kyle Braxton | 2021
Chad Chastain | 2020
Courtney Davis | 2018
Chuck Elam | 2015
John Frey | 2021

Brad Johnston | 2021
Mary Jones | 2014

Alex Kline | 2021
Adrian Land II | 2014

Raymon Land III | 2016
Terry Parrish | 2018
Marshall Sewell | 2019
Rantz Smith | 2012
Sawyer Smith | 2015
Bob Stewart | 2016

Executive Council

Mike Browning
James Carlton

Michael Caruthers
Ralph Chastain
Rich Chastain
Bob Conrad
Shawn Valentine Garcia
Jeff Garrett

Darren Hanshaw
Carr Hussey
Cheryl Hicks

Adrian Land, Sr.
Jody Land
Laura Land
Raymon Land
John Lapide

Chandler Mack

Mitch Mitchell

Heather Raulerson

Vincent Saviolo

Paul Sawyer

Jimmy Shepherd

Steve Singletary

Billy Smith

Thomas Smith

John Toth

Phil Turner, Jr. 

Harry Vaughn

Al Wroten

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